Thursday, June 25, 2015

9-mile training walk (Nakano->Shinjuku->Shibuya->Imperial Palace)

9-mile training walk (Nakano->Shinjuku->Harajuku->Shibuya->Omotesando->Nagatacho->Imperial Palace Hibiya)

Driving billboards - This one for Avengers Movie with Iron Man ;)

Shibuya Crossing - Scene in "Lost in Translation" Movie

Hachiko statue - Legendary loyal dogō

Hachi: A Dog's Tale,[24] movie in August 2009 with actor Richard Gere


Meiji Jingu Outer Garden

Maneki Neko - lucky charm cat

Akasaka Toyokawa Inari - place of one of the many Buddhist Saints

Reached Imperial Palace!

Statue of Kusunoki Masashige

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